BOE 46″49″55″65″ 2K 4K tv wall 3×4 LCD video wall for advertising

BOE 46″49″55″65″ 2K 4K tv wall 3×4 LCD video wall for advertising

Short Description:

*Panel brand: BOE

*With 500nits brightness, FHD 2K and FHD 4K

*Use for retail stores, hospitals, universities, sports bars, corporate lobbies, casinos, and exhibitions

*Reducing downtime and keeping your vital video wall up and running

Low power consumption and low heat radiation

Reliable quality and low maintenance

Wide viewing angle

Ultra thin bezel LCD video wall, the thinnest bezel up to 1.8mm

Fast L/T: 1-2 weeks for indoor display, 2-3 weeks for outdoor display

Qualified products: applied with CE/ROHS/FECC/IP66, two years warranty or more

After Service: trained after sales service specialists will respond in 24 hours offer online or offline tech support

Product Detail

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■ BOE 46″LCD Video Wall PID46L88

Bezel: 0.88MM/1.7MM/3.5MM/3.9MM

Resolution:1920 * 1080

Active area:1018 .08*572 .67mm

Outline dimension:1021 .98* 572 .67* 72 .90mm


■ BOE 49″ LCD Video Wall PID49L88

Bezel: 3.5MM

Resolution:1920 * 1080

Active area:1074 .54* 604.56mm

Outline dimension:1078 .34* 608.36* 69.90mm


■ BOE 55″ LCD Video Wall PID55L88

Bezel: 3.5MM

Resolution:1920 * 1080

Active area:1209 .60* 680.40

Outline dimension:1213 .70* 684.50* 71 .10 mm


■ BOE 65″ LCD Video Wall PID65L88

Bezel: 3.5MM

Resolution:3840* 2160

Active area:1429 .40* 804.40mm

Outline dimension:1433 .2* 808.4* 77.7mm

■ Product Description

With the original BOE panel, the screen and the frame have a 3.5mm bilateral seam. Meet different splicing needs, different sizes of specifications can be assembled horizontally and vertically. The use of high-strength cold-rolled steel supports multi-layer superimposed combination splicing to ensure seamless gaps in the LCD splicing unit. The splicing screen can be installed in a cabinet, floor stand, or wall-mounted embedded installation. No matter how complex the site environment is, we can provide customers with Tailor with the most suitable installation plan.

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