• Is outdoor digital signage eco-friendly?

    Is outdoor digital signage eco-friendly?

    Is your business environmentally conscious? Are you really sure that the digital signage you are operating is really eco-friendly? Maybe this article will solve your confusion. When you want to upgrade from printed advertising paper to digital advertising; when you alrea...
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  • Advantages of outdoor LCD advertising machine

    Advantages of outdoor LCD advertising machine

    With the recent years in our life, outdoor advertising machine can be seen everywhere. Outdoor Lcd Display is divided into outdoor LCD advertising machine and outdoor LED display. Irrelevant weather can display your information outdoors and bring good visual and auditory...
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  • Excellent Performance in Broadcast of the World Cup -LCD Video Wall

    The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™  has been playing from  20th November.  Of course, I believe everybody is still paying attention to the grant match.  We all are eager to win we trust although something unpredictable.  Hope everyone wins the gambling and keep calm. Ok, let’s talk about the LC...
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  • Interactive Showwindow Digital Kiosk and Totem

    Interactive kiosks are frequently praised for the various advantages they give consumers, including convenience, privacy, and simplicity. However, businesses that use self-service also reap other advantages, including the capacity to gather data. Simply put, kiosks gather a wealth of data about c...
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  • How to choose the right Pc Touch Screenmonitor

    Large touchscreens are becoming increasingly popular in different industries, especially in this era of interactive media where almost all digital displays support touch. The most common use for large touchscreens is in the retail and hospitality industries, but they are...
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  • Traditional billboards have been covered by LCD billboards

    LCD billboards are used to highlight high definition pictures. The picture quality is good, the color is vivid and the visual effect is good. In addition, what is the main reason to cancel the universal billboard? The following is the charm of the LCD advertising machine...
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  • What are the use scenarios of outdoor digital signage?

    Why is outdoor digital signage important? Outdoor digital signage is important because it can raise awareness of a company, brand, product, service or event, and it is usually placed in a public area with enough space to create the first visual impact for the user; In m...
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  • How can advertising machines create greater value in the “outdoor” digital signage market?

    Advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment, through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display constitutes a complete advertising control system, and through pictures, text, video, small plug-ins (wea...
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  • Kiosk & Signage Enhances Guest’s Experience with Digital Navigation

      Today’s visitors have higher expectations as a result of the profound changes in the globe, including a better experience provided by seamless digital connectivity.   Customers value personalized experiences, thus the service sector is under increasing pressure to investigate and invest i...
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  • Surprise Is Always Unexpected

    These TVs can withstand the sun and mild weather, but choosing one requires some expertise. For the majority of us, TV viewing and outdoor activities are mutually exclusive, although this isn’t always the case. Outdoor TVs can be set on the terrace or in the garden, etc.. Something surprisi...
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  • The best smart TVs to buy for your connected home in 2022

    Without a doubt, the TV is still one of the most important devices in the home. While it used to be easy to choose a TV because they all looked the same, choosing a smart TV in 2022 can be a headache. What to choose: 55 or 85 inches, LCD or OLED, Samsung or LG, 4K or 8K? There are plenty of optio...
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  • Which smart TV to buy: Vizio, Samsung or LG ?

    It used to be easy to buy a TV. You’ll decide on a budget, see how much space you have, and choose a TV based on screen size, clarity, and the manufacturer’s reputation. Then came smart TVs, which made things more complicated. All major Smart TV operating systems (OS) are very similar...
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