• Common faults and solutions of outdoor LCD digital signage

    1. The remote control cannot be operated  Check whether the remote control of the Android outdoor digital signage is installed with batteries, whether the remote control is aimed at the sensor, and whether the connection between the remote control sensor and the driver board is loose. If there i...
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  • Why are LCD digital signage such popular?

    With the expansion of the market now, as a traditional way of publicity—newspapers, newspapers, leaflets and other corporate information publicity advertisements have become historical history, LCD digital signage are slowly rising, with the current network advertising industry With the de...
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  • The advantages of LCD digital signage

    1. Paperless: high-definition LCD screen display, infinite repeat display, loop playback, dynamic display, update the program at any time, update the dynamic. Compared with paper promotional materials such as banners, posters, roll-ups, brochures, etc., it can save manpower and material resource...
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  • The use of outdoor digital signage placed in scenic spots

    1. Obtain detailed information for passengers  Smart outdoor digital signage also allow travelers to have more detailed real-time information about their destinations and make informed travel decisions. Interactive self-service solutions can provide travelers with new information such as relevan...
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  • Development trend of LCD digital signage

    In recent years, emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, and cloud computing have rapidly promoted the digital transformation of various industries and the implementation of smart scenario solutions. Display terminals, as the human-machine portal of smart scenarios, are developing towards more int...
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  • What is Digital Signage

    What is Digital Signage Digital Signage uses liquid crystal displays to play video advertisements, which is especially suitable for high-end brands’ integrated multimedia technology to deliver a full range of product and promotional information to consumers.Digital signage can be used to pr...
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