Our service


How We Do:

The whole machine has undergone 5 levels of quality control 15 technological processes

100 hours outdoor environment test, Brewing has:8-fold protection effect, 18 months free warranty , The stable and reliable products

The whole machine is made of more than 36 kinds of real materials including;

Germany imported EBM fan, South Korea's LG industrial-grade screen, Taiwan MEAN WELL industrial grade power supply, The world's first Akzo powder , China's No. 1 Delixi Electric, etc., A fine product made by casting


After service:

Online and offline service, Please attach your invoice and a detailed description of the issues you are facing with your device to your contact E-mail. In reply, you will receive an e-mail with your RMA number and additional information. For defective accessories that were content of the original delivery, we usually send you a replacement before receiving the damaged goods. In case of a defective product, we try to check and solve the problem within 3 working days after receipt. For the warranty period, we will cover the replacement cost and customer cover shipping costs for repaired or replaced items

For support outside of Europe or China, we work with local representatives / local service partners together who may work on our behalf in our name.