Samsung 55 65 inch ultra narrow bezel 2×2 splicing screen indoor advertising display player digital signage 3×3 Lcd video wall

Samsung 55 65 inch ultra narrow bezel 2×2 splicing screen indoor advertising display player digital signage 3×3 Lcd video wall

Short Description:

*Original panel: Samsung;

*Brightness: 500 nits or 700 nits;

*Ultra narrow bezel:1.7mm/3.5mm optional;

*Customized size: 55/65 inch optional;

*Remote control function: by RS232 port and Ethernet connection for remote operation;

*Convenient for installation and maintenance;

*Support OEM and ODM Service;

*Perfessional quality and inspection team;

*Installation method: wall mounted, front maintenance hydraulic,cabinet type,floor standing.

*Popular application:restaurant,supermarket,shopping center & market Meeting room &monitoring room,clothing store & cinema,bar or drinking shop,entertainment places and hotel.

Fast L/T: 1-2 weeks for indoor display, 2-3 weeks for outdoor display

Qualified products: applied with CE/ROHS/FECC/IP66, two years warranty or more

After Service: trained after sales service specialists will respond in 24 hours offer online or offline tech support

Product Detail

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■ Samsung 55″LCD Video Wall PID5517SA


Resolution:1920 * 1080

Active area:1073.8(H)*604.0(V)mm

Outline dimension:1211.54*682.34*71.0mm


■ Samsung 65" LCD Video Wall PID6535LG


Resolution: 3840*2160

Active area:1429.40*804.40mm

Outline dimension:1432.58(W)×807.62(H)×86.6(D)

■ Product Description

LCD splicing screen has a very large effect. It can be used as a display alone or spliced ​​into a large screen. According to different needs, make corresponding changes. The screen can be large or small, which is very convenient to meet the diverse needs of users, and the brightness of LCD splicing is high. ,Using ultra-narrow edge design, uniform brightness, stable image without flickering, long service life, won the hearts of the people.
The number of splicing of the DID LCD video wall can be selected arbitrarily (row (m) × column (n)), and the size of the screen can also be selected in various ways to meet the needs of different applications.
The center of the big screen is grand and visually striking, and has excellent production display, display and publicity effects. And the application of advertising control, unlimited space, wide range of command and control, urban management monitoring command center, traffic management command center, industrial process control display system, radio and television and systems, security, financial hotels, communication information display systems, securities information System display, government enterprise video conference multimedia display, mining production system monitoring system, urban environment command system, fire airport, alarm, maritime command system, flood control airport, subway safety system display, luggage, monitoring, stage, media advertising, exhibition hall, Brand display system, exclusive store display image, lecture display, equipment rental...

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